Ecorches for Proko, first as a student then as a freelance artist contributing to the videos. Click on the images for details:


Sculpts for anatomy course content, both in the videos and viewable in 3d on the Proko website:


Samples of muscle rigging work done for Proko’s videos. I was responsible for all muscle rigging and blendshape sculpting, and later on also revised existing arm and leg rigs to include realistic radius/ulna articulation and femur/tibia/patella articulation. I also did all sculpting for the biceps demo.


Zbrush claymation, using a combination of rigging, blend shapes, and Zbrush sculpting on every frame, including full 3d motion blur:


Personal sculpts:


Sculpts for Digital Figure Sculpture course in 2013. This is old stuff and it’s a bit wonky!